EDO ball


Edo Ball started in 2013 with two personal artworks I created, The Rock & The Ghost. These artworks were created from the love and passion of the game of Basketball, Ukiyo-e art and Japanese culture. The subjects mixed together seamlessly and were incredibly popular with the Basketball and Japanese culture communities.

After multiple project collaborations with basketball brands based on the two popular artworks, I decided in mid 2016 to revisit the series. They had always been on my mind and my passion for the game and culture was forever growing.

Over the last 12 months I have patiently crafted 8 new original artworks to accompany the original 2 artworks.

Each artwork has a story behind it. Some are based on Japanese mythology and culture, others are narratives based on players nick-names and some are created from popular sayings from the game of basketball.

I hope you enjoy the series and story as much as I did creating them.

giclée prints

Beautiful museum quality prints on archival paper. All prints are available in the Japanese 'Oban' print size (10' x 15'). The full collection of 10 artworks are available individually and as sets of 2 or 3.


digital tools

Our digital packs include an array of textures, brushes and the high-resolution line work of each artwork. Create your own, colour ours or use our tools to craft your own beautiful artwork.

bento box

The combination box includes a bit of everything. There are 3 boxes which all offer a set of postcards, 1 to 3 Giclee and an ultimate box which includes our full digital tool pack which was used to create each artwork.