Season FOUR




The sun rises in early summer as an offseason traveller shares a moment in time underneath the newly grown bamboo canes of spring. Bamboo serves as an inspiration to the players of the summer and is a symbol of strength and growth. 

Players add an array of new skills to their game like the bamboo cane adds leafs under the summer sun and hope to carry them into the upcoming season.

D’Angelo Ronin


D’Angelo wandered the open lands for 4 long years, inviting warriors to battle and calmly handing them their defeat. With time on the battlefield came consistency and experience, which earned the respect and ability to lead with very few words. The young warrior was now his own master and had taken upon the title of Rōnin, a samurai who is without a master or lord.

As the journey grew longer, the flame inside D’Angelo Rōnin grew larger, he was a Rōnin with fire in his heart and ice in his veins.

Created exclusively for D’Angelo & Antonio Russell.

Shogun KG & The Ôkami


One of the greatest stories of Edo Ball folklore is that of the great Shogun Kevin Garnett. It was said that KG was raised by a pack of Ôkami (Japanese Wolf) in the snow-covered lands of the North.

As his pack protected the lands of Minnesota, KG protected the rim with ferocity also. His defensive skill and prowess was unmatched and evident by the skeletons left outside his packs den. Shogun Garnett’s skillset didn’t stop there, his polished array of offensive moves and intensity for game made him a strong and respected warrior throughout the lands.

Dennis Ronin


Possessed by passion and dedication in his belly, Dennis was a true Rōnin of the game. Rōnin were samurai without a master who drifted within society. Dennis embodied the fight of the greatest samurai’s before him but forged the way for a new generation of players.

Samurai traditionally carried two swords but The Worm was unique. His weapon of choice, the nunchaku, represented his personality and different approach to the game perfectly.

Dennis Rōnin created a new type of warrior within the game, a warrior who didn’t impact the game in the traditional manner of scoring but with effort and intensity. His iconic defensive tactics and pursuit of the boards made him one of the most iconic Rōnin’s in history.

The Shinobi


The Shinobi was almost impossible to identity. The only way to know that the ninja had been at a court was by the origami shuriken (throwing star) which was left at basketball courts throughout the land.

The Shinobi used an array of tactics to assassinate their opponent and almost always went to their bag of stealth tactics which included moves based on deception, espionage and surprise attacks. 


Katana Kemba is the triumphant leader of the Charlotte clan. Recognized for his offensive skills and fearlessness in the face of an enemy, Kemba has restored respect and honour to the clan and has gracefully earned the respect of the people.

Known for his signature double katana (sword) crossover, Katana Kemba over the years has been silent in the shadows, using his skilled swordsmanship to speak for his game and clan. Kemba’s crossover is one of the deadliest within the Imperial League and myth has it that his katana swords are coated with the venom of a thousand hornets, which causes defenders to freeze and fall during the katana crossover.

Created exclusively for Kemba Walker.

Emperor Pop


Emperor Popovich takes questions at the Imperial Palace post-game press conference.