Season THREE


James garden, bonsai harden


The time and craft put into the Japanese art of Bonsai planting is only comparable to the dedication and grooming of the beard and his game. 

Like a seed grows in soil, Harden and his team have slowly grown a special team which finished as the #1 seed in the 2017-2018 season. As his beard grew so did his game and in 2018 he was awarded the league’s MVP trophy. 

the mask


Samurai Kyrie is an assassin on the court. His lightning quick handle and reaction time has defenders out of position at every turn and myth has said that his speed is even faster when he is equipped with The Mask. 

The combined result of Samurai Kyrie and his Mempō mask was an unstoppable warrior who drove fear and despair into defenders all over the league. 

The Great Game

The flex of the hardwood, the bounce of the ball, the power of The Great Game. Nobody can deny the game and the energy it creates. Teams flow through the regular season and hope to crash into the playoffs like a wave hitting the shoreline. 


Shogun James — EDO NIGHTS


Every great shogunate can easily crumble under the pressure and conflict caused within the Imperial Edo Ball association. Like Japan’s capital moved from Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo) in 1868, Shōgun James also moved his shogunate from Cleveland to Los Angeles on July 10, 2018 in search of greater lands and warlords to conqueror.

With the new capital came new weapons. Shōgun James joined forces with a new set of ronins and has crafted a new set of battle weapons and armor to ready his forces for the upcoming season. His new shoe features an imperial velvet purple upper and a forged golden edo metal sole. Along with his iconic katana Shōgun James adopted a new weapon on his arrival to Los Angeles. The LA Shuriken is golden throwing star crafted by Emperor Magic and his skilled swordsmiths to help assist Shōgun James in his long and difficult journey ahead.

The Brow


There’s a handful of young new leaders in the game and none who look more ready than Anthony ‘The Brow’ Davis. Davis has quietly been perfecting his game and physical attributes in preparation to lead his Pelicans into the spotlight of the Western prefecture. 

Fan Of The Game


The street ball court was always surrounded by lush overgrown trees. Like an oasis in a desert the court attracted people from all over the city throughout the summer. Everybody came together for their love of the game, the people and the community it created.

As a Japanese sensu fan would create a subtle summer breeze the foliage would fall, and the buckets would fall too. We were there for the basketball, as fans of the game.


The Windmill


North of the border the Raptors were gifted one of the greatest leapers of all time in Vince Carter. A high flying performer with some of the greatest vertical leaps of all time, Vince was given the nickname Air Canada after his home court arena in Toronto, Canada. 

Mt Mutombo

Standing at 3,289 blocks tall, Mt. Mutombo is one of the toughest climbs in the association. Only a handful have ever reached the summit and many expeditions have been turned back at Finger Wag base camp. 

The Graveyard


Allen Iverson “The Answer” was a polarizing figure in the game and there was no denying his godly ability to ball. Generously listed at 6ft tall what he lacked in height he made up for with an unmatched competitive drive to win. 

Iverson had many great ankle breakers in his career and has left many players ankles stuck in their place at his personal graveyard, the basketball court.


The Daimyo


The Daimyō (大名) refers to Japanese lords who ruled over the country from the 10th to mid 19th century subordinate only to the shogun. Dame like the Daimyō has risen to prominence after often being overlooked early on in his NBA career. With a relentless work ethic and dedication to the game Damian Lillard is looking to expand his rule from the Northwest Division ward to the Western Conference Prefecture and finally the entire league. 


Ikebana All Stars


Four Geisha patiently arrange flowers and blossoms at the mid way point of the season. Every flower holds meaning and creates beautiful form within the imperial net being created for the All Star game.