PLAYER exclusives

individually Crafted FOR THE athlete

I collaborate with players to create custom one off artworks which celebrate the athlete, their journey and passion for the game. By working hands on with the player it allows me to write a unique story surrounding the player which is then transformed into finished fine art and special edition art jerseys.

d’angelo ronin

d’angelo russell

D’Angelo wandered the open lands for 4 long years, inviting warriors to battle and calmly handing them their defeat. With time on the battlefield came consistency and experience, which earned the respect and ability to lead with very few words. The young warrior was now his own master and had taken upon the title of Rōnin, a samurai who is without a master or lord.

With every new clan and territory D’Angelo Rōnin took it upon himself to train and perfect his craft. The two swords he carried as a Samurai remained on his back, and as he sharpened his game he also sharpened his mind and evolved into a masterful Rōnin of the hardwood.

As the journey grew longer, the flame inside D’Angelo Rōnin grew larger, he was a Rōnin with fire in his heart and ice in his veins.

Created and crafted privately for D’Angelo & Antonio Russell.

Edo Ball, Basketball Art - D’Angelo Russell Ronin

Edo Ball, Basketball Art - Katana Kemba Walker



Katana Kemba is the triumphant leader of the Charlotte clan. Recognized for his offensive skills and fearlessness in the face of an enemy, Kemba has restored respect and honour to the clan and has gracefully earned the respect of the Imperial NBA.

Known for his signature double katana (sword) crossover, Katana Kemba over the years has been silent in the shadows, using his skilled swordsmanship to speak for his game and clan. Kemba’s crossover is one of the deadliest within the Imperial NBA and myth has it that his katana swords are coated with the venom of a thousand hornets, which causes defenders to freeze and fall during the katana crossover.

For the third consecutive year Katana Kemba has fought his way into the All Star game, forging his name into history as one of the greatest Samurai’s within the Imperial NBA.

Created and crafted privately for Kemba to celebrate his 2019 Charlotte All Star appearance.




vince carter

I worked alongside the family at the NBPA to create an artwork for Vince to celebrate him receiving the NBPA Most Respected Award. The artwork pays homage to his journey and unique skills on and off the court.

Created and crafted with Aisha and the NBPA for Vince Carter.

NBPA, Most Respected Award - Vince Carter